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How to Know If She Faked an Orgasm - This is an Absolute Must Know For Every Man

Women orgasm when the sex is both consensual and enjoyable.
However, even if both the conditions are met it is impossible to tell if a woman really had an orgasm unless she spills the beans.
Almost all women and girls fake an orgasm at some point in their otherwise great relationships.
It's relatively easy for a woman to deceive her man in bed and fake an orgasm when she had none.
To compound the problem most women are unaware of the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasm.
So, why is it that a woman fakes an orgasm? Well, there are different reasons both psychological and physiological.
However, you can tell if your girl has faked an orgasm if you observe the following three actions during and after sex..
She seems happy to get over with it- It takes a long time for a woman to warm up and unlike men, a woman remains in an aroused state long after the man has achieved an orgasm.
If after sex your girl immediately rushes to the bathroom for a shower or starts doing household chores its obvious she faked her orgasm.
During an orgasm blood flow to the brain increases in women, this has been proved conclusively by CAT scans of women having orgasms, this means that the lower limbs receive less blood and hence it takes some time to get the blood circulation to the lower limbs back to normal.
A woman or girl who has had an orgasm is definitely not in a position to be physically active almost immediately after an orgasm.
Cheeks not changing color- As discussed above when a girl has an orgasm the blood flow to the head increases and hence the cheeks change color.
If your girl's cheeks show no change in color, she just faked an orgasm.
She avoids eye contact- It's natural for women to feel dazed after an orgasm.
The eyes look relaxed and she will look you in the eyes lovingly.
If none of this happens and she avoids eye contact this is a clear indication that your girl faked her orgasm.
Even if she has faked an orgasm you don't have to press the panic button.
Try and talk to her and find out the underlying reason for her faking an orgasm and take corrective measures.

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