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Stay Alert, Stay Safe - Safety Tips for Teenage Girls

For years now, the safety of women has been a major concern in every part of the world. Almost every woman has undergone traumatic situations like stalking, being molested, domestic violence, rape, mental harassing etc. in their lifetime. In spite of the many laws passed, their safety still remains a big issue across the globe. Because of these constant threats, it is recommended that girls should take extra precaution to stay alert and safe from any unforeseen incident. Awareness and attentiveness will help you anticipate any potential problems when they feel threatened or violated.

Here are some safety tips for girls that should help them to stay alert and act smartly:

  • Be alert during after dark

  • If in case you are planning a night out, make sure that the friends who are with you are the ones you can totally rely on or people that you know well. Never take a risk to go with someone with whom you are not fully familiar. They could be somebody completely different from what you think.

  • Say no to alcohol

  • Never agree on group drinking or consuming alcohol, whenever you are out with your friends. Do not accept ANY beverage from strangers at the party because they may have mixed alcohol in your beverage or even worse, put a date rape drug in it. Always get your own beverage and make sure it is free of alcohol or drugs.

  • Use Smartphone navigator when you feel lost

  • In the event that a young woman should become lost or disoriented, they can use their smartphone to locate where they are by GPS like Google Maps.Moreover, with navigation through Google Map, you can even find the direction towards the desired location by selecting your current location and the name of place you want to visit in the search window. A map will display on the screen of your Smartphone with a navigator that help to reach the desired destination.

  • Download Personal Safety apps on your Smartphones

  • Technology plays an important role in every area of our life. Moreover, in this new era of technology, making optimum use of new technology is a good idea. There is an app that acts virtually as a personal bodyguard and is available free to download on Android as well as iOS platforms. A user can download this app and subscribe to their life saving services that cost just pennies a day, to protect their precious lives.

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