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Naval Battle Games

    Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific

    • "Silent Hunter" places you in the role of a submarine captain in the middle of World War 2. You must lead your subaquatic ship on a series of missions to sink enemy shipping, evade destroyers and return alive for a new tour of duty. The goal of the game is not to provide nonstop arcade action but rather a realistic simulation of what it was like to command one of the Wolves of the Pacific.


    • "Harpoon" seeks to create modern naval and airwarfare in as much detail as possible. It is based on a hardcore military strategy game of the same name that was used by Tom Clancy to assist in his research during the writing of his book "The Hunt for Red October," and the most advanced (and expensive) version of the "game" is used by Department of Defense experts as a training and simulation platform. Game scenarios include clashes with China in the straits of Taiwan and battles in the Persian Gulf. Each scenario also allows the player to experience life from the other side and seek to hunt down U.S. ships using everything from spy satellites to nuclear warheads.


    • If "Harpoon" is a bit much, "Battlestations:Pacific" may be more appropriate. While "Harpoon" strives for realism, "Battlestations: Pacific" never lets reality get in the way of fun. Players direct an entire fleet in battle and can jump into the control of any aircraft, battleship, or submarine to join the fray at any time in the battles between U.S. and Japan in World War 2. There are a total of 28 single-player missions in the game and when those are finished you can always jump online to face-off against friends and foes from around the world.

    Lost Admiral Returns

    • "Lost Admiral Returns" is a naval strategy game from independent game developer Fogstone Games. In the game, you design your own fleet of ships and lead them through missions where they gain experience and special abilities. It is the belated sequel of a game that won Computer Gaming World's strategy game of the year award in 1992.


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