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Real Estate San Miguel de Allende

“Once you buy a house here, property taxes on a nice house could be $200 to $400 a year,” explains photographer Robb Kendrick. “You don’t need homeowner’s insurance here because the houses are stone and stucco, and so they’re not going to burn very easily.” The real estate San Miguel de Allende provides are surrounded by kindly neighbors who don’t believe in suing other members of the community because a tree limb fell into their yard or if they’re accidentally hit by a stray baseball.

In the real estate San Miguel de Allendeworld, housekeepers cook and clean five days a week for just $80 and gardeners will tend to the property three days a week for $30. Kids can go to the top private schools for $2,000 a year. Bushels of fresh fruits and vegetables are brought home for $6 and a couple can dine out for $11. Even six packs of imported Belgian beer are going for $1.99! For the 11,000 American expats who asked real estate San Miguel de Allende agents to help them find their dream home, life is surprisingly good.

Americans have been taking advantage of real estate San Miguel de Allende offerings since the 1940s, following World War II, when veterans were offered affordable housing and art classes for a small pittance. Over the years, the historic Mexican city has been touted as “one of the best places to retire” and a “hidden gem,” prompting an influx of well-off residents and builders. Naturally, with big city amenities and investors, it’s only a matter of time before property values and expenses start to increase, some real estate San Miguel de Allende experts cite.

Now some real estate San Miguel de Allendelistings are featured for: a $645,000 three-bedroom house with a guest cottage, large gardens and outdoor dining area; a $250,000 golf condo on the outskirts of town; and a $335,000 vacation home with fireplaces, swimming pools, gardens and outdoor terraces. Of course these high-price homes are still tremendous values compared to Florida, California or Las Vegas, and they’re still the exception rather than the rule. For most relocating Americans, a perfectly wonderful home can be purchased for less than $100,000 and rents range from $300 - $700/month.

One of the great things about real estate San Miguel de Allende offers is that the architecture is largely colonial, with Spanish influences. Colorful mosaic tiles, durable Spanish rooftops, arched doorways, stucco and stone exteriors, large pillars, natural wood beams and garden courtyards make these properties unique. Orange and laurel trees are commonly found in the backyards of these stately manors and the city itself has a plethora of restaurants, golf courses, spas, shopping centers, health clubs, museums, bars, concert halls, festivals and entertainment centers to keep an expat busy.

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