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Shopping in Mexico

Shopping is, quite literally, an activity capable of crossing cultural boundaries.
Every country is a unique delight of goods and merchandise that appeals to different tastes and preferences, and nothing spells appreciation or pleasure over the country you are currently visiting, then large consumption or purchase of their products.
The joys of shopping can be an unforgettable experience when exploring the dynamic country of Mexico, where exporting is, in fact, one of their major industries.
Shopping here can almost be considered an art form, where everything, from fruits and vegetables, to woven Spanish-influenced handicrafts, to high scale branded goods, can sometimes be sold side by side.
Perhaps one of the major attractions of Mexico is the number of markets and stalls that abound in every city.
Vendors line several streets selling their wares cheap, and supermarkets hold the distinction of being some of the largest in the area, numbering in the hundreds.
Wal-Mart has a sure foothold here, and actively completes with other local factory-sized stores for the cheapest prices and affordability.
Markets here can range from simple produce sellers lining the streets to the more standard marketplace of the Central de Abasto, to large craft markets such as the Mercado de Artesanías in Mexico City, to silver and handmade garments such as shawls and dresses, to even government operated stores called Fonart, which offer set prices for guaranteed quality items.
Bargaining is a favorite pastime for most of the stalls, and a persuasive customer can force the price down to almost half its original cost.
Vendor stalls though, tend to close early at around 3 pm, so it is always best to shop early.
There is a good possibility that some items being sold in the streets could be stolen though, so for the cautious tourist, buying from official shopping malls are always a better option.
People suffering from claustrophobia might do well to avoid the area, especially during the pre-season holidays - expect a large crowd often, all hunting for similar bargains.
And shopping malls are a frequent sight in Mexico.
From traditional designs to Western-style buildings, some of the more popular shopping malls include Plaza Satelite, Pabellon Polanco, the Perinorte, and one of the, if not the largest, mall in Latin America, Santa Fe.
While these are all located in Mexico, shopping malls are also frequent elsewhere, including the Centro Comercial Sendero and Plaza Fiesta San Agustin in Nueva Leon, the Forum Mall in Sinaloa, the Plaza de Sol in Jalisco, and the Plaza Galerías Pachuca in Hidalgo.
These malls have their own unique design and features; some are mostly indoors and sport rising elevators and come fully air-conditioned, in an emulation of other Western shopping malls, while others have outdoor stores that can be explored while taking in the other sights of Mexico.
Its stores all sell a discriminating array of brands and local products, authentic cuisine and other merchandise from accommodating outlets.
Masaryk Street in Polanco is the absolute destination for the discerning tourist who'd like to take home something expensive, and well-branded, though still at a slightly cheaper cost than in Western boutiques.
The stores in this area sell virtually anything; Prada bags, Versace fashion, even Harley Davidson motorcycles and Mercedes dealerships.
Though sightseeing in Mexico is still something that should be experienced firsthand, where pictures cannot capture the extent of the country's beauty and, it is always a small treat to bring home something unique from Mexico to remember by.

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