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Ideas for a Boy's Basketball Inspired Bedroom


    • Basketball wall murals and borders are available at many home improvement stores. Install a life-size wall mural of players. Place a large, life-size poster of your son’s favorite player on the wall. You can also use a mural of a basketball goal on the wall. If you want to paint, blow up a picture of a basketball player using an overhead projector and paint it on the wall. Alternatively, paint one of the walls to resemble the layout of a basketball floor. Use chalkboard paint to paint a scoreboard on one of the walls.


    • If you son has a favorite team, consider finding team bedding. If not, simply stick with basketball bedding. Make your own bedding by using basketball-themed iron-on transfers on solid-colored bedding. Add basketball-shaped pillows and throws on the bed. Another idea is to paint basketballs or basketball players on a solid-color comforter using acrylic paint. Hot glue plastic basketballs to the headboard and footboard for added decoration.


    • Use basketball-themed fabric to create your own curtains. NBA logo curtains are available. Make basic curtains using basketball-themed stencils to paint players, basketballs and goals on the curtains. Hot glue small toy basketballs and basketball figurines to basic curtain rods and tiebacks for more decoration. Drape basketball nets across the top of the curtain rods. Another idea for the windows is basketball pennants. Sew the pennants together with the point of the pennant facing the ground. Sew the pennant across the top of basic curtains.


    • Find old lockers at a garage sale or online and paint them in your son’s favorite team’s colors. Paint his last name on one of the lockers and his favorite players’ names on any other lockers. Hang a toy basketball goal on the wall. Frame basketball newspaper clippings to hang on the walls. Posters for your son’s favorite player are also ideal for a basketball-themed room. Hot glue plastic toy basketballs to lampshades and pictures frames. Paint basketballs on the end of drawer knobs.

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