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How to Backup Original Xbox 360 Games

You may be surprised to learn that it is pretty simple to backup Xbox 360 games.
A this point you may think I am talking rubbish, because like you I know how hard it is to copy video games when you have not got the right tools at hand, and some people may not even know they are using tools that cannot get the job done.
Do not worry I will show you the tools needed to backup original Xbox 360 games.
Without going into lots of different details on how certain pieces of software are not suitable for copying video games I will just tell you that you need specialised software to copy games, this is because games have a high level of encryption placed on them that only certain software can break.
This is the number one reason why people fail at copying their games.
This is because they are using tools that do not work.
To copy your games you will need: oA personal computer oThe original console game oBlank disks oGame copying software You can get most of the above items from you local store, but I would recommend getting the software online; this is because it is cheaper and available for instant download in most places.
Once you have most of the above you can begin copying.
Firstly install the copying software and then run it, when the program is up and running you will need to insert the game you want to copy into your computer drive, this is because the computer needs to make something that is called an image file, this image fill will then be used to copy your game.
When the computer has completed making the image fill you will be asked to take out this original game and then to insert the blank disk.
The image file will be transferred onto this blank disk.
Once the image file has been fully transferred the game copying process is complete.
The whole process will take less than 10 minutes, however I tested this method and it took me about 12 minutes but I do have an older machine.

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