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How to Fight Fleas and Do Preventive Health Care For Your Golden Retrievers

The strongest body and soundest genetic background will not help a dog lead a healthy life unless he receives regular attention from his owner.
Dogs are susceptible to infections, parasites and diseases for which they have no natural immunity.
It is up to us to take preventive measures to make sure that that none of these interferes with our dog's health.
It may help to think of the upkeep of a dog's health in relation to the calendar.
Certain things need to be done on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.
So, what is needed in preventive health care for golden retrievers? Weekly grooming can be the single best monitor of a dog's overall health.
The actual condition of the coat and skin and the feel of the body can indicate good health or potential problems.
Grooming will help you discover small lumps on or under the skin in the early stages before they become large enough to be seen without close examination.
You may spot fleas and ticks when brushing the coat and examining the skin.
Besides harboring diseases and parasites, they can make daily life a nightmare for some dogs.
Many Goldens are severely allergic to even a couple of fleas on their bodies.
They scratch, chew and destroy their coat and skin because of fleas.
Remember, the fleas you see on your dog are only part of the problem, in fact, it is the smallest part.
To rid your dog and home of fleas, you need to treat your dog and your home.
Here is how: - Identify where your pet sleep.
These are called hot spots.
- Clean your pets' bedding, your own floors and furniture regularly by vacuuming and washing.
- Spray hot spots with non toxic, long lasting flea larvicides.
- Treat outdoor hot spots with insecticide.
- Kill eggs on pets with a product containing insect growth regulators (IRGs) - Kill fleas on pets per your veterinarian's recommendation.

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