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Wall mount shelving and custom decals for the home

Some may look at wall mount shelving as a remedy for an oversight. After all, closets usually have some shelf space available, like built-ins, are typically inserted into a house plan by an architect. However, most of us look at wall mount shelving as a decorative, useful enhancement of an otherwise empty, even boring, space. In addition, a nice variety of such shelving is available.

Perhaps best known is a system that uses a slotted metal channel into which fairly thin, double pronged arms are fitted to support a shelf. The channels are intended to be securely screwed into a wall stud and the channels provide space for several shelves. For long, unbroken runs of shelf space, additional vertical channels can be installed. This type of shelf is designed to accommodate one-inch thick dimensional pieces of wood although plate glass may also work well a selection of arm length, ranging generally from six to twelve inches, is available.

Other shelving genre may also be used. Open mesh, white wire shelf material, commonly used in closet spaces where it is supported on either end, is easily adapted for use in wall shelf settings. It can be attached to a wall using half round fittings that are secured to the wall above and below the rearmost wire vertical support may come from white metal supports created for that purpose, or the homeowner could customize a vertical support from decorative hardwoods or even a sufficiently sized dowel rod. Vertical support might even come from a chain or rope mounted in ceiling joists.

There is also a nice range of distinct style shingle shelf types from which to select. A wooden, Amish variety, using scrolled wooden supports, adds a touch of the quaint. Or there might be a preference for a European styled kind that uses a metal bracket attached to the wall to hold a wooden shelf that fits over, and hides, the bracket this kind, often called a "bracketless" shelf, truly appears to be gravity defying. For the garage or basement, a pegboard type system, or an industrial, L-shaped steel support, could be the best approach to wall storage.

Custom decals for decorating a room, personalizing a vehicle or posting a sign are more available now than prior to the advent of the internet. Using dimensional information and color preference supplied by the buyer and an in-house supply of offerings as to subject matter--from butterflies to zebras, or mountain scenery to sports contests--the business can create a set of adhesive backed, vinyl decals that are permanent and generally not very susceptible to color fade. The decal itself is thin, and, even though it does not loom obtrusively into a living space, adds a personal touch that makes a room truly one's own.

Wall shelving is available at home improvement centers and hardware stores although some of the newer styles are more easily found on the internet. Using the internet to find a purveyor of custom decals will save time although goods of this kind are certainly available locally. Either approach to home improvement opens the door for one's imagination to explore new grounds for decorative improvement and personal expression.

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