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Games to Play at a Pool Party

    Piranha in the Water

    • Start the party by playing this pool game from the website, Games for all Reasons. Begin by having everyone enter the pool, telling them to stay next to the walls. Instruct them to all hold each other's hands so that you don't have a gap between players. When ready, throw a beach ball into the center of the pool. Tell the players they have to avoid getting touched by the ball without breaking hands with any of the other players. As the "piranha" ball comes closer to the players, they can try and make waves with their arms as they attempt to push the ball toward the center again. Any player touched by the ball gets eliminated from the game. The last player standing wins (See Reference 1).

    Beach Ball Relay

    • To dry off after swimming in the pool, play this game from the Amazing Moms website. Divide the players into two teams, positioning them some feet away from each other on one side of the yard. Line both of the teams up single-file and hand the first player on each team a beach ball. Tell the first players to place the beach balls between their legs. When you say "Go," they move as fast as they can to the other end of the yard, keeping the beach ball in place between their legs. As soon as they make it to the opposite end, they hurry back to the line and hand off the ball to the next teammate. The players get penalized if they drop the ball by starting over from the beginning. This continues until all of the players in one team have finished, winning the game (See Reference 2).

    Don't Pop the Balloon!

    • If you need to get out of the pool but still want to get a little wet, play this game from the website, Amazing Moms. Before the game. Fill several balloons with water. Divide the players into pairs and situate them on one side of the play area. Instruct each pair to stand back-to-back. When ready, place a water balloon between the pairs' backs. The pairs all have to race to the other side of the yard and back with the balloons still intact when they return. The first pair to do this wins the game (See Reference 3).


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