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Get Over Your Fear of Bridges

To get over your fear of bridges is similar to the method used for overcoming many other phobias.
The fear of bridges can be very inconvenient as those that suffer form it will go out of their way to avoid having to cross a bridge, think of how much extra time it may take if such a person lived in or around New York City.
Many times the fear of bridges comes from being afraid of heights, having a traumatic experience based around bridges or hearing or viewing a bridge collapse.
A great tool to help overcome this fear is understanding how bridges are built and all of the safety involved in the design and execution.
You can look up information on certain bridges to see maintenance records and understand that it is completely safe.
You should also recognize the symptoms that are associated with your fear of bridges.
If you are aware of the symptoms such as panic or shortness of breath then it can be possible to overcome the fear by walking over a bridge or having someone else drive you over a bridge.
You can also work slowly towards overcoming your fear of bridges.
You can start by first being near a bridge and then slowly working your way closer until you can eventually cross the bridge.
When crossing the bridge do not look around but focus directly in front of you to the other side.
If you still feel that you need help then you should get some therapy.
Therapy has proven to be very affecting at discovering the source of your fear and learning how to overcome it.
There are also specifically designed programs such as DrivingFear.
com developed to help those that had a fear of particular driving situations such as driving over bridges.
There are many such programs available and many individuals with phobias have found success using them.
It is possible to overcome your fear of bridges but you should get some help, as there are some great options available to you.

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