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How to Be Happy in Spite Or Your Circumstances

It is so easy, almost natural, to get caught up in self-pity and despair when things are going wrong in your life, but you can be happy in spite of your circumstances.
The choice is yours to be more powerful than any circumstances in your life.
It can simply be a matter of perspective.
You can choose to live each moment to its fullest.
If you knew you didn't have a tomorrow, would today's problems really be as bad as they seem now? If this was your last day, wouldn't you want to spend it feeling happy and fulfilled? You can always find the blessing in any situation if you look for it.
Every situation in life, regardless of how tragic it may seem, is an opportunity to learn and grow.
If you look for these opportunities you will become a better person because of your struggles.
Sometimes, you just have to let things go.
If you are completely miserable at your job, it is time to find a new one.
This applies to the people in your life as well.
If you have a miserable person in your life, get rid of them.
If it is a family member, at least limit the amount of time you spend with them.
Life is just too short to be stuck hanging around with miserable people in a miserable environment.
Don't let others decide how you are going to be.
If you get into a traffic accident and the other driver is yelling and cursing at you, you have a choice.
You can either stoop to his level by engaging in similar negative behavior, or you can be polite and maintain the positive attitude you had before the accident.
Someone else's attitude does not have to become your own and ruin your entire day.
You and only you have complete control over your emotions.
Life is full of precious moments; you get to choose how you are going to feel in every moment.
You can concentrate on what is wrong, or your can be grateful for all of the blessings around you.
You have clothes on your back, food on your table and air in your lungs, and there are many people in this world who don't.
Make the choice to be happy and celebrate the absolute abundance that flows in your life.

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