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Gran Turismo 4 Review

If you are looking for a great game that will make your Christmas more enjoyable, then why don't you try one of the best games for PlayStation called Gran Turismo 4? I have played this game since the first installment and I have witnessed how this game evolved from an ordinary racing game to becoming one of the most awaited racing games of the year.
I am truly a big fan of this game, but I will try not to be too biased about this game in order to give you a great review.
The first problem that a player may encounter while playing this game is the controls.
You need to be skillful in order to perfectly maneuver your cars through sharp turns and curves.
This can be frustrating for a lot of people, especially those who are new to racing games.
With precision and perfect physics applied, Gran Turismo provides a realistic racing game that won't allow you to take a sharp turn while running at 250 km/h (yeah, I know you know what game I'm talking about).
The developers of the game wanted to help the players to generate the raw feeling of being in the field and racing against the best players around the world.
This installment of the game is very hard! Yes, I am a big fan of racing games, and when I say hard, I mean very hard! You need to be precise with every movement, and a single mistake could wreck your beloved car.
Talking about wrecking your car, this game offers an advanced damage system that shows all the damages that your car has received in real-time.
See how your car get dents, scratches, or panels hammered.
Gran Turismo is definitely something that every hardcore gamers and skillful drivers should try.
Utilizing the open network of Playstation, players can compete with each other and see who the best driver is.

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