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The Best Earth Shattering G-Spot Orgasm Position! She Will Be Begging You Never to Stop, Guaranteed!

Looking for the best G-spot stimulation position? You came to the right place then; I guarantee you this will work with any woman, when you try this position she will be satisfied beyond your belief.
Discover how you can make her orgasm just with a simple G-spot stimulating sex position! See for yourself: Known variably as 'Your Highness' or the 'Shoulder Holder',what is it? You can either stand or kneel, then you put her legs on your shoulders, or have her hold her legs up! There are many ways to do this position, but the main point is that you ensure that she is angled upwards; and having her legs up ensures this.
This position, when used in intercourse, or even for other sexual acts positions her g-spot so that when you enter it is not hidden in the vaginal walls.
Not only this but this position narrows her vaginal walls so that it feels better for you, and her g-spot is more constricted to feel your stimulation.
Tip: if she is pushing towards you using this position she especially likes it.
There is more than one position to stimulate the g-spot, naturally there are many sex positions.
However, most women would agree that this position rocks their G-spot and guarantees faster stimulation.
Lastly, always ensure when you are trying to stimulate her G-spot that you do not stop midway.
Leaving long pauses or being in positions which do not stimulate the g-spot for too long, even sometimes just seconds; makes the G-spot go down; and makes it hard to find again and stimulate.
The G-spot, when aroused, will swell; and therefore be easier to stimulate but requires constant stimulation in order to finally orgasm.

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