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Suitability and Battery Size of Electric Golf Trolleys

When purchasing a golf cart, you should check whether you have chosen the right golf cart for your needs.
If you have the need for carrying heavier golf equipments normally, then you should go for a stronger and durable one that can help in carrying them easily without breaking down.
If you do not want to use heavy loads on your cart, then look for a light weight model.
Electric cart with a detachable battery would be a wise choice as they are becoming highly popular today owing to the ease of charging and lack of population and noise during operation.
You need not even have to worry on the fuel expense.
Depending upon your purpose and needs, you should choose the right vehicle that will be with your for a longer time.
Some people make use of golf trolleys for carrying other things other than their golf equipments.
If you are using a heavier load outside the course, then you should look for the one that works with a powerful motor.
Your height is also a big factor when choosing the trolley as the handle of the cart and its size should match with your comfort.
If you want to save on battery power, then look for freewheel golf trolley so that it can go down the hill easily without power.
You can still push your trolley even if it does not have power.
Modern golf trolleys are provided with a number of useful features and accessories that can enhance your comfort on the course.
Some of them come with a fully zipped trolley bag that saves your trolley from dirt and mud.
Most of them come with an umbrella holder, scorecard holder, bottle holder etc for your convenience.
Several new features are added to them to make the game enjoyable and comfortable.
The battery size is an important thing to consider.
Remember that the most suitable battery size is 20AH (amp hours) that easily enables you to play the 18 holes without any break down.
If you are an avid golfer and require playing several times per week, then look for a higher capacity battery with 26-28AH.

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