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Dog Training Tips - What"s the Best Breeder to Choose?

Selecting the Right Dog Breeder Selecting the right dog breeder is not a difficult task, but it also is not something to be taken lightly.
The right dog breeder is one that has a good reputation, can provide proof of 100% purebred puppies, can provide you with dog training advice, and one that has the puppy parents on site so that you can view that the dogs have received positive training from the owners.
The Labrador breed is one of the smartest breeds of dog and generally win most competitions.
Labrador dog training is typically easy because of the dogs intelligence level.
If you are selecting the right dog breeder for Labradors check to see if this Labrador puppy comes from a champion blood line.
If the breeder can prove the blood line you can bet that the price of these puppies will be much higher than the price of typical Labradors without a champion blood line, this does not, however, make a non-champion blood line dog any less easy to train.
Labrador dog training may be a bit easier if the right genetics are there but that isn't to say that a typical lab can't be trained just as easily and possibly better than one with the champion blood line.
When you visit the breeder you will quickly be able to tell a few things about the character of the dog breeder.
If the puppies are dirty, stomping around in their own feces, and have received little to no puppy training, then you might want to seek out a different breeder.
Proud pet owners who are also dog breeders take good care of their dogs and their puppies.
You can spot a good dog breeder if she has provided the puppy parents with positive training and can prove this with the puppy parents on site.
The right breeder will also be able to provide you with good puppy training advice and general dog training advice.
If she is unable to provide you with this type of advice, it will be apparent that she hasn't done K9 training with her own pets and therefore her puppies might not be the best fit for you.

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