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How to Stop Your Bulldog From Drooling

In spite of the unconditional love we have for our pets, from time to time, there are still little things about them that bother us.
For some, it may be excessive barking but for the Bulldog, it is drooling.
While it is true that drooling may be a common trait among all dogs, unfortunately, Bulldogs have it worse than others do.
Thus, as a concerned and devoted pet owner, you may want to know why your Bulldog has this problem and what things can be done to help remedy the situation.
Contrary to popular belief, drooling is not always caused by a dog's insatiable desire for food.
More often than not, drooling especially when it comes to Bulldogs is caused by other factors.
The primary reason that Bulldogs are prone to drooling is their facial structure.
It is characteristic among Bulldogs to have loose skin hanging on their face.
However, since there is not enough sturdy flesh on their faces to actually hold the drool inside their mouths, they end up drooling uncontrollably.
Fortunately, there are quite a few things you can do to keep this problem in check.
First, check your Bulldog's mouth for any foreign objects that may have been stuck in their mouth.
Common things include sticks, pine needles, or small pieces of bark.
Just because the act of checking for these objects may seem unnatural or invasive to them, take extra caution in doing so.
Better yet, take them to your veterinarian to be examined.
Your Bulldog's diet may be another cause of excessive drooling.
Slipping them table scraps or treats may not always be a good idea.
Make sure that they stick to their regular diet and keep a careful watch on them to ensure that neighbors or visitors do not hand them snacks as well.
Stress or over excitement can be another cause of drooling.
If this is the case, do whatever you can to make sure they remain calm even if it means having familiar things around them such as their favorite blanket or toy.
This is the time to give your Bulldog the extra tender loving care that they need.
If you are traveling in a car with your Bulldog, make sure that you leave a window slightly open.
Do whatever you can to make your Bulldog feel comfortable as in some cases; drooling can be a sign of motion sickness.
However, in instances where they specifically drool out of a desire for the food you are eating, just make sure to let them know that they will not be getting food this way.
As part of your dog training routine, it might help to let them know that begging for food this way is not appropriate.
Just do what it takes, even if it means tying a bandanna around their neck to act as a bib for their drool.
Bulldogs have so much more traits that are endearing so don't let this little quirk get in the way of you appreciating that.

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